Huobi Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges Review – Everything Investors Need To Know About One Of The World’s Best Altcoin Markets


Thanks to an aggressive early international expansion strategy, Huobi Global has proudly established itself as a leading cryptocurrency exchange by both spot market and derivatives trade volume. Huobi emerged as an early leader and has remained a high-volume trading platform since 2013. With a comprehensive range of features, a clean interface, competitive fees, and a massive spread of coins available, Huobi Global has many highlights backing its popularity. We’ll be taking you through a detailed review of Huobi Global, evaluating everything from basic usability and trading to network security, business services, and customer support.

What Is Huobi Global?

Huobi Global is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with over 374 available cryptocurrencies. Not only is Huobi Global the world’s third busiest spot market exchange handling a 24-hour trade volume of over $4 billion, but it’s also the fourth-ranking crypto derivatives exchange, processing just under $10 billion every 24-hours.

Huobi was formed in 2013 in China by the Chinese Tsinghua University alumni Leon Li. Before founding what quickly became a market leader in cryptocurrency exchanges, Li worked within financial technology at Oracle as an engineer. Li, who also opened Renrenzhe, which was once the second biggest media buying firm in China, raised the capital to start Huobi from several angel investors. Namely, US venture capitalists Sequoia Capital who control $1.4 trillion worth of stock market assets, the ZhenFund, one of China’s largest venture capital funds with over $1 billion in assets under management. And Dai Zhikang, who heads up the Zendai Group while being one of China’s most esteemed art collectors.

Following China’s cryptocurrency ban in 2017, the company, which was initially formed as Huobi, moved its headquarters to Seychelles and relaunched as Huobi Pro catering to customers from Europe and Asia. In 2018 for a year and a half, Huobi US offered trading to American citizens before insignificant trading volume caused the company to close. Toward the end of 2019, Huobi rebranded all of its cryptocurrency exchanges other than those in Japan, Korea, and a few other countries to Huobi Global.

As a part of the Internet of Value services provider, the Huobi Group, Huobi Global uses a secure blockchain infrastructure called Huobi Chain to offer a range of trading features and a subsidized trading fee system utilizing its own Huobi Token while serving over 130 different countries. As of midway through 2021, Huobi Global boasted a 24-hour trading volume exceeding $43 billion, making it the third most popular exchange by daily trade volume in the world.

Why Trade On Huobi Global?

When it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges with a focus on viable altcoins, you’ll struggle to find a better place to trade than Huobi Global. The fees are lower than most competing exchanges, with an even better structure for high-volume traders. Beneath the Huobi Global umbrella, you’ll also find a wealth of services that covers the entire decentralized finance industry.


  • KYC/AML Not Always Required
  • KYC/AML Not Requested For Pool Mining Rewards
  • Quick Trade, Spot Trading, OTC, Derivatives
  • Massive Selection Of Cryptocurrencies
  • Free Grid Trading Bot Available
  • Highly Discounted Fees


  • No Staking Of Huobi Tokens
  • High Minimum Investment Of $100 USD Equivalent
  • Low Margin Trading Leverage Available
  • Low Basic Withdrawal Limits

How To Trade On Huobi Global – Registration & Privacy

Huobi Global registration is quick and easy, requiring accurate location information as identity verification is needed before starting trading. Verifying an account requires the user to upload a photo of their ID, passport, or driver’s license. Account verification takes between 24-hours and three days at the most. Not every user will be asked to pass KYC verification, but Huobi reserves the right to request personal or institutional proof at any point.

Huobi Institutional Accounts

Huobi offers institutional accounts to all users other than those situated in the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Low-latency professional trading services are available with multiple co-locations offered for even less lag than the already high-performing exchange offers to standard traders.

Huobi Global Overview

Primary FeaturesSpot Trading, Derivatives, Institutional Services
Trading TypesQuick Buy/Sell, P2P Market, Spot Exchange, OTC, Grid Trading, Derivatives, Staking,
Derivatives TradingFutures, Coin-Margined Swaps, USDT-Margined Swaps – Up to 1000x Leverage
FinancesWallet Staking, Primepool, Huobi Earn, Crypto Loans, ETH 2.0 Staking, Huobi Pool Mining, Huobi Capital For Institutions, Houbi Cloud, Huobi DeFi Labs
Trading FeesBase Fee Rate Of 0.2%-0.2% (Maker-Taker) With Scaling Huobi Token Fee Discounts Up to 65%, Withdrawal Fee Relative To Currency (BTC at 0.0004 BTC ), Credit/Debit Card Purchases Charged At 0.3% Spread Or 0.75% Flat Fee + Interchange Debit @ 0.2% or Credit @ 0.3% + Scheme Fee VISA 0.02% or MasterCard 0.04% + 1% Acquirer Fee
Currencies Supported921 Markets, 849 Spot Market Cryptocurrencies, 52 Perpetuals, 13 Futures
Security Features2FA, Email Notifications, PGP Encryption, 98% Of Assets Held In Multisignature Cold Wallet, Proprietary Distributed Architecture & Anti-DDOS, Houbi Investor Protection Fund Insures Up To 20000 BTC
Ease Of UseIntuitive Design With Ample Trading Options, Clear TradingView Interface, Extensive Knowledgebase Available, Almost All Advanced Features Require KYC To Evaluate
Countries ProhibitedBangladesh, Bolivia, China, Crimea, Taiwan, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Iraq, Sevastopol, US, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, United States & UK Retail Investors
Affiliate Program30% Referrer Fees Through Huobi Global Referrer Program, Up To 40% Commissions On Spot Market & 30% On Futures Through Huobi Affiliate Program
Customer SupportAttentive Quick-Responding Live Chat, Email Support, Telephonic Support 1-800-987-8242, Houbi Help Center Content Also Available

Huobi Global Trading Features

Huobi offers everything you’d expect from a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange. Quick trading, spot trading, brokerage, and futures are available, as well as a practical, easy-to-use grid trading bot.

Quick Buy/Sell & P2P Market

Huobi Global’s Quick Buy/Sell feature allows users to instantly buy and sell 374 crypto assets using any one of over 60 payment methods while playing in any of the 57 fiat currencies supported. If you can trade on Huobi, you can quick-buy by means of simply inputting the value of the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase, inputting your payment information (debit and credit cards readily accepted(, and completing your payment to receive your purchase instantly.

Trading using Huobi’s customer-to-customer marketplace is free, with zero commission fees. The P2P marketplace connects users across over 170 countries, allowing traders to buy, sell and exchange crypto securely thanks to the backing of Certified Advertiser Verification combined with Huobi’s Facial recognition and advanced blockchain security. Just like the Quick Buy/Sell feature, a full range of up to 59 payment methods ensure that everyone can use the marketplace.

Huobi Global Spot Trading

The Spot Trading Exchange from Huobi Global presents a clean TradingView interface with a list of available tokens, including the ability to sort and favorite, with the standard ticker, order book, market trades, and multiple order types displayed. Limit, Market, Stop-Limit, and Trigger Order trading are offered from the standard exchange.

Traders have access to triple leveraged margin trading across 45 different cryptocurrencies using BTC or the USDT tether. Quick access to 3X Long (triple leveraged) exchange-traded funds, 3X short inverse triple leveraged EFTs, and 5x leverage margin trading is on offer, automatically switching the TradingView chart once selected.

Trading Bot

Huobi Global has a fully functional grid trading bot running in its beta phase for traders to automatically execute a grid trading strategy. Grid trading involves creating an arrangement of buy and sell orders within a predefined price range, effectively creating a grid of automatically triggered viable trades. As soon as a buy order is triggered, the grid trading bot creates a higher-priced sell order. When the sell order is filled, a new buy order is placed at a lower price than the sell order. As the price of cryptocurrency fluctuates between the two trading grids, small but steady profits are earned. The grid trading strategy works best in markets that are moving sideways with no trends present.

The Grid Trading platform from Huobi offers Auto trading using proprietary artificial intelligence that calculates within a preset price range, quantity, and profit margin per grid relative to the trader’s investment to deliver a fixed backtested 7D annual yield percentage of return. Alternatively, traders can set their low price, high price, the number of grids, and the profit margin per grid while investing with either USDT or the USDT & BTC tether. Huobi’s Grid Exchange and trading bot charge a flat trading fee of 0.20% for makers and takers, resorting to the Tiered Fee Structure that brings down the cost for high-volume traders using Huobi Tokens, which we’ll be covering in the upcoming ‘Huobi Fees’ section.

Brokerage (OTC)

Before traders can use the brokerage market, Huobi Global requires KYC verification. Once complete, traders can access a lightning-quick brokerage with a comprehensive range of payment methods available and zero fees charged. The minimum trade size of $100,000 or the equivalent is comparable to most other OTC brokers, and the one-on-one support offered on each trade can be invaluable in the right situation.

Trading on Huobi’s OTC market is safe and rigorously regulated thanks to operating under a DLT license, and the liquidity is outstanding. Most traders find the market filled with quick trades conventionally commencing and concluding within 30 minutes. If you’re looking for a secure brokerage to trade high-volume cryptocurrency without regional restrictions, Huobi Global’s OTC market should be on your watchlist.

Huobi Global Derivatives

Huobi Futures requires KYC/AML verification facilitating secure trading. Once verified, traders have access to USDT Swaps, Coin Futures, and Coin Swaps through an exchange boasting an average trade volume of over 39 billion USD every 24-hours.


The Huobi Derivatives market provides futures trading with weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly settlements performed every Friday. Huobi offers leverage ranging between 1x and 10000x against the following thirteen different cryptocurrency futures contracts:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Polkadot, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, XRP, Chainlink, Filecoin, Cardano, Bitcoin SV, TRON

Overall, Huobi Futures remains a market leader within futures trading that stacks up pretty well against the competition. Not only are the fees lower than most competing exchanges, but the trade volume means a constantly busy order book. At the same time, the massive available leverage presents the possibility of huge potential profits. Just beware of quick liquidation if projections are wrong.

Coin-Margined Swaps

Houbi Derivatives Market’s Coin Margined Swaps have no delivery date, operating similar to conventional perpetual while allowing users to hold the contract until final settlement is deemed necessary. Coin margined swaps from Huobi settle every 8 hours granting realized and unrealized profits and losses. There’s only one contract per variety available, with up to 125x leverage offered. Forced liquidation triggers at a 0% margin ratio or less, and there’s no trading time limit letting traders open and close positions whenever they want.

USDT-Margined Swaps

Just like Huobi’s Coin Margined Swaps, the UDT-Margined Swaps allow traders to go long or short, just like in a traditional margined spot market, with the price determined by a funding mechanism that brings the swap price close to the price of the underlying crypto asset. No less than 52 USDT-margined cryptocurrency perpetuals are available, and the trader decides when to close the contract. Settlement disburses realized & unrealized profit and loss every eight hours, with forced liquidation at a zero or less margin ratio.

Isolated margin trading and cross margin mode are available. The margin for the swaps traded in isolated margin mode is calculated individually and with equity held separately. Margin positions do not affect each other in isolated margin mode. Cross margin mode shares the same account equity, with the occupied margin and margin ratio being calculated together. Should liquidation be reached, the entire portfolio is affected.

Huobi Pool ECO Exchange

The Huobi Pool ECO Exchange was a digital asset exchange implemented using Huobi Global Cloud technology that allowed traders to leverage the power of a unified digital asset mining, staking, and pool trading. Huobi shut down the ECO exchange platform on July 23rd, 2021, disabling margin and OTC trading completely. All unsettled orders were automatically canceled on July 14th in lure of the shutdown.

Huobi Global Finance

A comprehensive range of blockchain-based financial services is available from Huobi Global Finance. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from Houbi staking, crypto loans, pool mining, and more.


Houbi Global’s Wallet offers staking on a limited selection of Proof-of-Stake coins, allowing currency holders to earn a steady return on their investment instead of simply HODLing and hoping for growth. Those who opt to stake stablecoins through the Huobi Wallet are charged no fees and have a master private key of their own. Traders are free to stake and redeem whenever they want without needing to transfer currency out of their wallet address. It’s as simple as opening a Huobi Wallet, choosing your validator and the staking amount, and then collecting your rewards. At the time of writing, roughly midway through 2021, Huobi offered staking on ATOM, CSPR, IOST, and TRX, with Cardano, IRIS, IoTeX, and LOOM coming soon. The average annual yield for stablecoin staking on Huobi ranges between 7% and 20%.


Investors who favor riskier but higher reward staking have the option of joining several Primepools from Huobi Global. Huobi frequently runs locked staking challenges involving Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies with high growth potential. Staking periods range from 3 days to a year. The fixed annual yield of growth on investment ranges between as low as 11.5% and as high as 346.23%, as in the case of BOR’s 7-day lock-up staking challenge to name but one example.

Interested traders are advised to dedicate their stake early as Huobi quotas fill up quickly. Primepool stakers also have the potential of earning bonus coins thanks to massive airdrop initiatives that have become quite common to new coins joining the platform. A comprehensive selection of De-Fi staking options ensures that there’s an investment period and level of growth suited to every investment style and budget. Huobi has a bigger De-Fi list than most competing exchanges, and the process of staking and redeeming rewards couldn’t be easier to use and understand.

Huobi Earn

Huobi Earnings (or ‘Earn’ as reflected in the menu) is an investment product targeted towards those who have idle cryptocurrency. Instead of HODLing, traders are encouraged to begin earning interest by making a short-term investment in either a ‘Flexible Earnings’ or ‘Fixed Earnings’ scheme. Coins and tokens listed as a part of ‘Flexible Earnings’ are available for subscription and asset redemption at any time. Those classified under ‘Fixed Earnings’ can only be redeemed once the expiration date of the period is reached. The lack of flexibility translates to higher interest rates.

The higher interest offers are typically time or supply-limited, and, like Huobi stablecoin staking, quotas fill up fast. An auto-subscription service is available, letting traders automatically transfer necessary balances to and from their Huobi exchange account. Expect an annual percentage yield ranging between 0.1^ and 6.4% or slightly higher as of midway through 2021.

ETH 2.0

In an initiative to make mining more ecologically friendly, Huobi Global is launching ETH 2.0’s One-Click Function. Huobi is transitioning to support ETH 2.0 Proof-of-Stake transaction validation on its blockchain. Users are invited to stake their ETH to earn rewards once the network upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 is complete. Ethereum can be pledged to Beacon ETH (BETH), otherwise known as Serenity or Ethereum 2.0 currency, at a 1-to-1 ratio. Generous rewards are distributed, reaching an estimated annual rate of return ranging between 6% and 20%, with Huobi Pool Token rewards and airdrops running throughout the duration of the roadmap.

The Ethereum 2.0 network upgrade is being released in four phases, with the first Phase 0 having launched the Beacon Chain in 2020. Phase 1, known as the Shard Chain, is arriving in 2021, with Phase 1.5 defining the blockchain merge coming soon after. By the end of 2021, Beacon Ethereum will have reached its fully-featured Phase 2 stage, whereby smart contracts will be implemented, allowing those who pledged to redeem and trade their rewards.

Crypto Loans

Just like most leading exchanges, Huobi Global offers flexible crypto loans for traders to invest with. Loan repayment terms are available across 30, 45, and 90-days, with 0.5% daily interest charged, tallying to an annual interest rate of 18.25%. Huobi presents the terms of your loan clearly, presenting an interface that requests the loan amount and the collateral crypto asset you’re providing. Should the repayment not be made, collateral assets to the value of the loan will automatically be liquidated. The only caveat to regular high-volume Houbi traders is that loan interest cannot be paid using Huobi Tokens or point cards.

Huobi Pool

The Huobi Pool has two components. The POW Mine Pool provides profitable pool mining with low commissions, while the EOS Super Community offers professional EOS voting on the EOS chain while offering a span of secure financial services. Critics regard the Huobi Pool to be one of the most effective EOS voting platforms available. Mining rewards are dispersed as Huobi Pool Tokens, of which there are approximately 10 billion issued. As one of the top ten most successful mining pools in the world, the Huobi Pool is an effective option that doesn’t require KYC for small withdrawals.

Huobi Capital

Huobi Capital is the investment division of Huobi Global. Those funded by Huobi Capital have the full network resources available, including the exchanges, Huobi Labs, Houbi Pool, the Houbi ECO Fund, and all affiliated partner-based resources. Huobi Capital only invests in cryptocurrency asset projects, digital currencies, and applications of blockchain technology.

The company has a long history of funding promising De-Fi platforms like Connext, dForce, ThunderCore, Buxx, Terra, and the Nervous Network, to name but a few. The most recent listed investments with Huobi Capital taking the lead are Secured Finance (decentralized finance) and Beyond Finance (crypto loans & derivatives). With only 14 significant investments listed, only the most pioneering initiatives appear open for consideration.

Huobi Cloud

Huobi Cloud is one of the world’s most effective one-step solutions for anyone who wants to build and run their own digital asset exchange. Partnering with Huobi Cloud grants access to world-class risk control with full support for OTC trading, crypto-to-crypto exchange trading, and the listing of proprietary platform-based tokens. For six years, Houbi has been helping companies around the world establish, personalize and optimize their cryptocurrency trading systems.

With the help of Huobi, upcoming asset exchanges have the resources of the Chi Fu Group offering financing, the Bank Group’s wallets and digital asset management technology, and the Yantai International Holding Group’s connections to large organizations and central governments at their disposal. You communicate your demands while Huobi Cloud prepares a plan for your exchange and its live deployment. After acceptance and personal training from an expert team, a fully customized exchange is ready to launch.

Huobi De-Fi Labs

Huobi DeFi Labs facilitates research of financial theories and blockchain-based financial technology while funding and incubating new DeFi projects that have qualified as fine examples of initiatives serving the entire decentralized ecosystem. The Huobi Group only invests in cryptocurrency lending, decentralized exchange trading, and cryptocurrency derivatives. The DeFi Labs fund is securely managed by a chief investment officer who once headed up the investment arm of China Merchant Bank International.

From world-class technology and teams to a massive liquidity pool, projects that feel that they’d qualify would do well to launch in collaboration with Huobi DeFi Labs. The only drawback is that very little information regarding the exact process of establishing a blockchain framework is not provided to the public. Instead, enterprises are asked to contact Huobi to be helped through the process.

Huobi Global Trading Fees

Huobi Global uses a tiered fee structure that incorporates its very own Huobi Token to lower costs and, of course, increase HT distribution. A varying scale of six different levels offers a base fee rate of 0.2% on a 30-day transaction value total of 1000 BTC or lower. Additionally, each level provides a scaling discount in HT as follows:

Equal Or Under 10 HT Holdings – 10% Fee Discount

Equal Or Under 100 HT Holdings – 20% Fee Discount

Equal Or Under 500 HT Holdings – 40% Fee Discount

Equal Or Under 1000 HT Holdings – 50% Fee Discount

Equal Or Under 2000 HT Holdings – 60% Fee Discount

Equal Or Under 5000 HT Holdings – 65% Fee Discount

There is also a tiered fee program for further discounts for professional traders available. Scaling discounts starting at a maker-taker fee of 0.0362% to 0.462% are offered on 30-day trading holdings equal to or under 1000 BTC, with HT holdings equal to or under 2000 HT. Professional discounts scale all the way to a ninth tier granting the highest discount of maker-taker fees amounting to 0.0097% and 0.0193% on BTC holdings equal to or under 150,000, with HT holdings equal to or under 2000.

Credit/debit card purchase fees are charged at either a 0.3% spread or 0.75% flat fee, with an interchange fee added of 0.2% for debit cards and 0.3% for credit cards added, as well as scheme fees amounting to either 0.02% for Visa cards or 0.04% for MasterCards. Finally, a 1% acquirer fee is also added to each card-based purchase.

Overall, traders will find Huobi Global’s fees to be midway between industry averages. They’re not as high as the basic trading fees on Coinbase but are still double the entry point of Binance, which starts as just 0.1% per trade. When one considers the broad selection of altcoins available for trading and the deep liquidity, Huobi fees become quite reasonable with considerable savings for those who trade in high volumes.

Currencies Supported On Huobi Global

Huobi lists 855 cryptocurrencies on its spot market, 52 perpetuals, and 13 crypto futures, according to CoinMarketCap data. 

Huobi Global Security Features

Huobi Global protects investors with two-factor authentication, SMS protection, email notifications, and PGP encryption across all emails. Huobi uses a combination of a multi-signature cold wallet holding 98% of all customer assets and a limited volume hot wallet to ensure the safety of funds in case of a network security breach. A distributed architecture and anti-DDOS attack system keep the Huobi Global and Huobi Pro trading network safe. Even the OTC market freezes the funds until the payment is confirmed as received. Furthermore, investors have the backing of the Huobi Investor Protection Fund, which operates on a security reserve mechanism that protects up to 20000 BTC against irrecoverable loss, which, to date, has never happened.

Huobi Global Ease Of Use

Traders will be impressed by Houbi’s intuitive design, and if there’s any information needed, an extensive knowledge base is available. While everything in Huobi Global’s trading platform is simply designed and straightforward to use, certain aspects of the default color overlay can make charts and the charting interface difficult to read. We suggest switching to the white interface to make the entire exchange easier to navigate.

Another minor caveat is how almost all of the trading features require KYC verification before they become available. This means that you won’t be able to even look at the interface for margin trades, brokerage, futures, and anything above spot trading or financing until you’ve confirmed your identity completely. This is not a problem for any regular trader but a hurdle nonetheless for newcomers evaluating Huobi before committing to an investment.

Huobi Affiliate Program

Investors are encouraged to invite their friends to trade on Huobi Global to start receiving 30% of all of the newcomer’s fees paid through the Huobi Global Referrer Program. The referral commissions pay daily for two years (730-days) after the new trader has joined the platform. Fee rebates are delivered as either USDT, points, or HT (Houbi Token). The maximum rebate cap for a single invitee is 5000 USDT or the equivalent, but there’s no total cap. You’re free to invite as many traders as possible.

Huobi Global also offers the Houbi Affiliate Program separate from the Global Referrer Program. As a competitive referral platform, affiliates compete to earn up to 40% commissions on spot market trades and 30% on futures. In order to qualify, the following criteria must be matched:

  • Base Userbase Of Least 2000 Users
  • 3000 Or More Followers On Large Social Network
  • 500 Member Minimum On Social Community (Telegram/WeChat)
  • Key Personnel Associated To Impactful Cryptocurrency Influence

In short, if your company is large enough to spur up a wealth of referrals, the Huobi Affiliate Program wants you to compete. Huobi only processes applications every 90 days. Interested parties can find all the information about the affiliate network on the Huobi Knowledgebase or apply directly to the Huobi Spot Market Affiliate Program or Huobi Futures Affiliate Program here.

Customer Support From Huobi Global

Huobi Global offers customer support via email and live chat. While experiences will inadvertently vary from user to user, we found the live support queue to be one of the fastest encountered. After confirming that our answers weren’t located in the auto-reply information held by the chatbot, we were immediately transferred to a queue which was processed within minutes. Live support was both attentive and friendly, resolving all issues immediately. There’s also a handy Huobi Help Center offering industry updates, important blockchain activity news, easy-to-follow spot & margin trading user guides, and a comprehensive section on how to buy crypto for beginners. Huobi even offers telephonic support via a live support agent on 1-800-987-8243.

Localized Huobi Exchange Trading

In addition to Huobi Global catering to over 130 different countries, localized exchanges for certain areas of the world are also available. Here are the regional Huobi cryptocurrency exchanges, the currencies listed, and their trade volume:

Huobi Korea – 485 Cryptocurrencies, $44 Million 24-Hour Trading Volume

Huobi Indonesia – 108 Cryptocurrencies, $19,000 24-Hour Trading Volume

Huobi Argentina – 18 Cryptocurrencies (IO, ETC, BCH, ETH, LTC, EOS, XRP, OMG, DASH, ZEC, HT, IOST, BTM, LET, QTUM, XEM, HPT, LINK), $1.5 Million 24-Hour Trading Volume

Huobi Thailand – 356 Cryptocurrencies, 18 Cryptocurrencies (BAT, KNC, SNT, ETH, NEXO, MCO, LINK, PAX, OMG, BAT, BTC, HT, BCH, BSV, ZRX, REN, BSV, GLM) $12,000 24-Hour Trade Volume

Huobi Japan – 11 Cryptocurrencies (BTC, HT, ETH, ETC, BCH, XRP, LTC, XLM, XEM, BAT, MONA), $400,000 24-Hour Trading Volume

Huobi Global – Countries Prohibited

Houbi Global is not available in any of the following countries:

Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Crimea, Taiwan, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Iraq, Sevastopol, US, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela

While private investors are permitted, retail investors in the UK are also prohibited from using Huobi Global.

Huobi Global Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve been left needing to know anything, these frequently asked questions about Huobi Global will have you covered.

You don't get a more legitimate cryptocurrency exchange with as diverse altcoin support as Huobi Global. From security to global brokerage service and massive liquidity, Houbi has it all. There's top-notch account security and some of the best blockchain technology the world knows.

Huobi Global is an excellent cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on altcoin trading. There are 921 markets available and 329 coins as of midway through 2021. With over 1.7 million weekly visits and a daily trade volume of just over $3 billion on the spot market alone, Houbi Global is the world's second-ranking exchange.

Users from the UK can use Huobi Global for purchasing and exchanging cryptocurrency using spot markets. However, The United Kingdom is one of the countries where Huobi prohibits retail investors from trading derivatives. This will deter crypto trading firms looking for leverage and futures trading.

Huobi Global does not support US traders at all. There is no purchasing or selling of cryptocurrency, no exchange, and no derivatives. Huobi suspended US trading in December of 2019.

Just like in the USA, Huobi Global ceased operations in Canada in December of 2019. Trading on Huobi Global is prohibited for Canadians.

Huobi Global enforces a non-strict KYC/AML policy. Not every registered trader will have to complete personal or institutional verification, but all traders may be asked at any time that Houbi deems necessary. KYC is typically only required to unlock high daily withdrawal limits and to trade futures/derivatives.

Huobi Global headquarters are located in Seychelles. There are also operations centers in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and the United States despite no longer offering trading to US citizens.

To exchange cryptocurrency on Huobi Global using the web interface, simply login to your account and select 'Buy Crypto.' The 'Quick Buy/Sell' interface will be displayed from which you select 'Convert.' Enter the value of the cryptocurrency you wish to convert and confirm the currency you're converting to before selecting 'Convert now' to complete the conversion.

Yes, Huobi Global has both the Houbi Global App on Android and iOS, and there's a Houbi Wallet for Android and iOS also available. The Houbi Global App is the application for anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrencies on their mobile device, while the wallet facilitates secure storage with users retaining their own private keys.


For many traders, there’s no better altcoin exchange than Huobi Global. The Huobi Group offers a comprehensive selection of services for cryptocurrency investors, miners, businesses, and blockchain developers. The Huobi Global app is a pleasure to use, and there’s a full spread of trading services at competitive rates, and the high-volume Huobi Token holding discount brings fees down to some of the lowest in the industry. Margin trading from Huobi is great, with considerable leverage available. Houbi Global’s wide range of available markets may just have you coming back to trade over and over again. It’s a great exchange for investors in qualifying countries.