Japan Not Planning to Send Cabinet Ministers to Beijing Winter Olympics


On Friday, it was informed by the head government spokesman that Japan is not sending their senior officials to the Winter Olympics in Beijing. With this decision, Japan has joined the likes of Australia, Canada, Britain, and the United States. All these countries have declared diplomatic ban of sports and games over China human rights records.

According to legit sources, Japanese players will join the games taking place in February. Hirokazu Matsuno, the Chief Cabinet Secretary said that Japan will be sending Seiko Hashimoto, organising committee president of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, two officials, and a councillor lawmaker.

However, the government of Japan have decided not to send their cabinet ministers to the Winter Olympics taking place in Beijing. The officials have come to this decision because they are not impressed with China’s human rights improvement. So far, they have seen very little improvement only in Hong Kong and the Xinjiang region.

Fumio Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan always prioritises human rights over anything else. He considers it as one of the main pillars of Japan’s diplomacy.

Matsuno said that human rights are universally important. He also said that basic human rights for every citizen are ensured in China. He informed that the decision was taken after taking all such important factors into account.

But at the same time, Matsuno did not reveal whether the decision is a part of their diplomatic boycott propaganda. Instead, he said in a media conference that they don’t have the right term to explain their decision.

Kishida’s government has refused from admitting that they are following the lead of the US and other countries over the existing human rights problems in China.

However, Zhao Lijian, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry have requested Japan to extend its support to the Beijing Winter Olympics, while appreciating Japan’s decision to participate in the February games.

Zhao told reporters that Japan should stick to its commitment and support each other’s Olympic Games.

The announcement by Japan was made by Matsuno, instead of Kishida as they don’t want to provoke the Chinese government, especially when China and Japan are soon going to celebrate their 50th anniversary of the acceptance of diplomatic relations in the coming year.

The two other officials attending the Beijing Olympics are Yasuhiro Yamashita, the head of the Japanese Olympic Committee, and Kazuyuki Mori, the chief of the Japanese Paralympic Committee.

The Japanese government believes that attending the February games will help them balance their relation with China. On the other hand, China had sent the chief of the General Administration of Sport, Gou Zhongwen, to the Tokyo Olympics.

The Liberal Democratic Party was calling for a boycott and wanted Kishida to make the announcement.

The US and other countries like Canada, Britain, and Australia, have announced the same. This has led China to criticise these countries for their decision related to the Beijing Winter Olympics. China said that politicising the Olympics is not a good thing to do.